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Uptrennd is offering huge bonus to steemians who join the platform during this time of implosion.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer anybody who has an account on Steemit to 10X your reputation in 1UP on Uptrennd. So if you have friends on Steemit, get them to comment on this post with their Steemit account and i will donate to the comment once verified.

If they add in your name with their comment i will also tip you 100 points per friend that comes over from Steemit.

Requirements for the welcome bonus! (NEW MEMBERS MUST COMPLETE)

-Share this post to your Steemit profile.

-Share the URL to that post you made on Steemit in the comments below

-Mention you are NEW to Uptrennd & which FRIEND recommend Uptrennd in your comment below too.

Welcome Bonus:

If you Reputation is 100 on Steemit, i will donate 1,000 points to you on Uptrennd if you complete the above requirements.

Bonus Task for everybody!
Share this post to your Steemit profile.

For your reward share the URL to that Steemit post in the comments below.

Reward - 200 points.

Please add my name "Pearlumie" as a comment in the post below.

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