Younger brothers Guess the love They can plant all, Who have younger brothers

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Younger brothers
Guess the love
They can plant all,
Who have younger brothers ...

Since childhood
As a laborer,
Being tough,
From my parents, siblings
Being loyal to a loved one,
Saddam Hussein Khan
My eyes have been staring.

After doing BS Honors
Teaching only
I have decided to make my profile, Masha Allah.
Your teaching journey,
The city of my poor,
Sufa High School started with a mustache -

I'm sure..
Saddam Hussein Khan
Beyond all kinds of prejudice
Will continue to respect every visitor,
The fragrances of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) will continue to be scattered, these Shallahs ...

I have strong hope ...
Mustache soil
This younger brother too
So dear,
I've always been loved ...


my brother
Be a teacher like Syed Ata Muhammad Shah
And die till the tail
To your disciples
Let's make him the real son of his parents.
Of poverty
Let the lamp of hope burn in the darkness.

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