Do you know if there is - technically - anything special about Partiko or if this is just another (centralised) Frontend one has to connect to, for accessing the blockchain?

What we really need is a decentralised, local running solution! A program running on once own machine for accessing the blockchain DIRECTLY.
Guess it would not be fun running on a smartphone and it needs shitloads of RAM. But such alternative would give a really bullet-proof solution

Partiko is one of many apps that connect to the steem blockchain. But unlike steemit they do not censor their users. It's still a decentralized platform but partiko is an application to connect and interact with it on a phone. I'm using an xperia xz2 and it runs super smooth. The creators are awesome also

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I will give it a try on my smartphone.
Using busy and insteem which are also not censored until now. Steemit, steempeak and mspsteem are.
Im am not interested in naked celebs at all but in censorship practices and of course technologies to avoid.

Thank you so much for your support!

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