you need way more steempower.

Damn! Isn't that like $20k? Just to get a dollar?

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Not 'just ... get a dollar'

About 40k SP right now would distribute an estimated 1 USD worth of steem from the reward pool per vote, and could do that about 10 times per day, every day.

Also, it depends on the price of Steem. When we had the ATH last year, and I had much less SP than I do now, I could drop almost a quarter with 100%! Now if the price of Steem was the same as it was then, I might get close to a dollar. But because the price is so low, my 100% is like 4 cents. LOL. It's highly variable. Just build your Steem Power as much as you can and you'll get there! :)

Thank you, I guess this is more like a long term investment. Hopefully we will look back on these conversations as crypto millionaires

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Yeah, it's definitely a long term investment. The things we celebrate, if we really want it to succeed, are long term things, like new dapps that will bring in more users and more value to the blockchain. Short term focus on current price is why the markets fluctuate as much as they do, as people freak out or get excited.