Opportunity Knocks

in partiko •  last month  (edited)

I was just starting to use DLive when they quit the Steem blockchain, so I dropped them and uninstalled the app.

With all the recent attention on PewDiePie migrating to DLive, I decided to check it out again and see if it looked worthwhile.

I haven't decided yet, but I noticed their listing on Google Play has already been altered to capitalize on the interest this high profile new user is bringing to their platform.

Way to go DLive, that's smart marketing!
I noticed they also are doing a "login with Google" option which might help newbies experiment with the platform, though I do wonder whether they will manage to avoid being intimidated or tempted by the big power and money currently working to subvert everything and control the narrative.

Anyway, seeing high profile people hold up blockchain as censorship resistant is encouraging!

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