Cheesy Caterpillar

in #partiko2 years ago (edited)

There has been a tube of cheese in the fridge that has been sitting there for quite some time.

Seeing the expiring nearing, blended it with cream and sugar and converted it into tiny cheese bite.

The cheesy caterpillar:

The cheesy ladybird:

Was in hurry so the cheese have not really form solid.

Tried coating it with chocolate but dint turn out well😫. Anyone know how should i coat it maybe?

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Cheese Bites... that sounds yummy
But they are too cute to eat hahaha
I have never tried these but you have definitely given me ideas :)

I wanted to chocolate coat it so that its not messy when u pick it up...but but dint turn out well..need to do more searching on that

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Looks yummy 😋 thanks for sharing.

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