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Something really exciting has happened today... An Etherium app is migrating to steem!

That's right, people and (more importantly) developers are starting to see the light by switching to steem!

@cacheverse is in the process right now of bringing his game Cache to operate on top of steem. While it's not released yet, it seems like it should be ready to go soon™️.

In the meantime, you can get a free game item RIGHT NOW just by signing up with your email.

Just head on over to, Enter your email in the box and get your item. It's easy and quick! Let's show @cacheverse they made the right decision and show a lot of support!

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Hi there welcome to steemit @theb0red1

love crypto games.. too many gambling games. I'm in.

Got my free Deck Jack, can't wait to give this game a try!

Nice! I'm looking forward to it too!

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Awesome. Give you a !shop coin.

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