Why Partiko Should Give Me A Free Ticket To SteemFest

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Everybody who has been to a local STEEM-Meetup, knows the excitment of meeting people you have had plenty of contact with on Steemit but never have seen in the so called "real life". And thinking back to the great meetups I was able to join in Munich and Vienna, I can only imagine how cool it must be to join a SteemFest an meet hundreds of characters from this amazing community.

I have been active on here for way over a year now and I can honestly say that I gave my best to make a positive impact on this platform. Obviously positive things are most often not done alone - therefore I have had contact with many fascinating individuals over the months on this platform. Fascinating individuals I would love to meet in person as well. And what better chance could there be to do that than during the upcoming SteemFest in Poland?!

Unfortunately, tickets combined with all the other expenses are relatively expensive for a student like I am. Of course, I have stacked up a nice amount of Steempower over the last year and could power down to pay for the expenses. But I am sure everybody reading those lines will understand that selling a huge portion of my Steempower is not too attractive, especially considering the current price level. Therefore ticket giveaways like the one done by Steemfest-Sponsor Partiko this post is a participation for, are a great chance for me to get closer to meeting some of the many people I have contact with on this platform over the past months.

When I signed up on Steemit over a year ago, I would have never guessed that I would ever be as activly involved in this community as I am today. I pretty much just was a regular Austrian medicine student with typical hobbies - sports, partying and our beautiful nature.

The normal student next door that joined Steemit over a year ago

However, things on this platform turned out differently and it got more intense. My involvement drastically involved last winter, when more and more people joined due to the high prices. With all those new people joining, the german community quickly grew and grew. And with more and more people, more and more questions came up. Unfortuantely, the steem.chat was down during that time - this is when @jedigeiss startet a Discord-Server for the german speaking countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland called: D-A-CH. I quickly got engaged there as a administrator and as a team we developed the server from that time on. While writing this lines, the server has a total member number of 1584 people. @jedigeiss and me also organize regular voice-call-meetups to help and unite the community. Up to now, way over ten such meetups have taken place.

In addition to my engagement on the server I have made over a dozen German video tutorials around the STEEM blockchain, probably helping hundreds of users understanding this platform and it's surroundings. If you speak german, you can find a collection of those videos here: Deutschsprachige Tutorials für Steemit-Neulinge: Ein Überblick 2.0

Over a dozen german video tutorials about Steem! - design by @hdrr!

But of course I have not only been active in the German community.

Since I came as a small user with now connections to existing members myself, I always knew how hard the start on this platform could be. This is why I founded the service @welcoming, which is dedicated to the curation introduction posts found in #introduce-yourself. Up to date I have personally resteemed 1280 manually curated! introduction posts with @welcoming and voted hundred more.

1280 resteemed introduction posts with @welcoming!- design by @louis88!

Besides doing the curation with @welcoming, I also got the chance to join the great curation intiative @ocd a few months ago and have helped with manual curation of undervalued posts from new users since than on there as well.

Last but definitely not least I want to mention my adventures with the Viennese digital agency @limesoda who have made quite an impact on this platform. The highlight for myself were definitely the courses @limesoda did on various Austrian colleges where I was given the chance to talk about Steemit to dozens of students. The high point of this courses was definitely the rise of @steemarity. Steemarity is a page created together with the students (and now managed by those) which is dedicated to support local charity projects through the blockchain. What better advertisement could have been made than actually doing something good with this. First successes already were celebrated - but I think we are still at the beginning. If you could check out @steemarity and help with your votes from time to time, this would rock!

A great project by @limesoda and their students I was give the chance to help with!

Ok, this got way longer that I was thinking. But so much has happened on here over the last months, I just couldn't make it shorter.

At least now you can imagine how many people I have had contact with during that time - Because none of the above things could have been done alone. SteemFest would give me the chance to meet many of those people in real life. And I hope @partiko will give me the chance to go to Steemfest.

Of course I am not the only person that would like to have a free ticket. And I am of course not the only person deserving such a ticket. However, I think that I have shown more than once that I care about the community and especially about accounts that neither have tons of power or connection to whales. I have helped hundreds of times myself - So I think it definitely would be fair to receive help myself now. Of course I still wish good luck to all other participants as well 🙂

If I only got you 99% convinced, I have one more thing. I will graduate from medical university in around two weeks - therefore the ticket to SteemFest would also be a nice promotion gift and SteemFest a nice place to celebrate a little bit. And hey, one more doctor will also make SteemFest a little bit more safe, right?

Hopefully we will be smiling together at SteemFest :)


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Give that man his pass!

i know all of these projects youv'e participated so far .
You deserve it! Nice to meet you there my Friend!


Thank you very much - looking forward to some poker/bowling in Poland :)

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Viel Spaß und ich drücke dir die Daumen!

Wäre an einem Steem-Fest Bericht eines DACH-Botschaftlers interessiert. Die Steemfest Videos (versteckt wie sie auf Youtube sind) werden und wurden ja auch kaum gesehen. Es wäre im interesse vieler (auch wenn sie es nicht wissen ^^)


Da kommen dann sicher Berichte, keine Angst ;)

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Es gibt zum Glück genug Dach'ler die hingehen.


Leute die hingehen und Leute wie theaustrianguy die technologisch versiert, plattform-interne Sachverhalte kommunizieren sind aber zwei paar Schuhe. Erstere bringen mir persönlich als Steemian nicht so viel. Auch wenn sie über die tolle Atmosphäre berichten. Aber ansonsten ists natürlich schön viele Eindrücke zu hören! Freue mich schon über eure Berichte.

There are a lot great guys on Steemit, many are driving communities, some support newbies and communities, some are great content creators, some engagers - @theaustrianguy combined all of these things and deserves a ticket so much.

I am sure no one disagrees he became one of the top 5 famous Austrians in the world apart from:

1 - the one we do not like to be remembered as Germans
2 - Mozart
3 - Nicki Lauda
4 - Arnold Schwarzenegger


Thank you very much for your kind words Uwe :)

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You are welcome Sir Maddin


Fully agree that he is engaging and building communities.

Regarding the list of Austrians, the first he was German, Czech and Austrian according the bloodlines, even if people in Germany don't like to hear this. But, history can't be turned and the only thing is to learn from it and don't repeat the mistakes.
I would take him out and mention Ferdinand Porsche or Christoph Waltz next to @theaustrianguy


Haha, no problem with history - I would not take Porsche as he has too many nationalities: Hungarian, Austrian, German - Waltz no way, boring guys. If we chose two more I take Falco and DJ Ötzi - Maximilian Schell or Romy Schneider optional.


Well Hungarian is to much said about Porsche ;)

We stick to Falco then. Good choice.


ok, deal then.

@theaustrianguy really deserves a ticket he is one of the greatest steemian I know in the german community and probably even on the howl steemit community. He done a lot of great things for the german community and I am proud to curate with him german posts for @ocd.

I hope to see you there.


Thank you, hope to see you and the other guys from OCD there :)

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Oh my god! Your Photo very cute. Nice. I hope ticket for you to meet up in steemfest.

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If somebody deserves a ticket is this young Austrian fellow.

I had the pleasure to meet him in person and I like the way he thinks and acts. I'm also involved with him in some projects and can only confirm what he says.

Like on some other contests for Steem Tickets, where people applied, I sustained the younger ones. The youngsters are our future. They have the least possibility to pay for the whole trip.

So, if you need further references on this application, feel free to contact me on discord.


Thank you for the kind words - You actually were the first Steemian I ever met in real life! :)

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Kind or not kind, they are true. I'm happy that I did not scare you that much back then. Hope to see you in Krakau :)

Ich wünsche Dir viel Glück - Du hättest Dir so ein Ticket wirklich verdient.
Deine Deutschsprachigen Tutorials für Steemit-Neulinge haben mir bei meinem Start auf Steemit nämlich wirklich sehr geholfen und ich wette, dass ich da nicht der einzige bin.


Danke! Freut mich, dass sie dir am Anfang helfen konnten :)

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Ich wünsche Dir viel Glück 🍀 und ja jeder der Dich kennt der weis das Du eine Bereicherung für die Gemeinschaft steemit bist
Grüße aus der Eifel

You're deserve really a ticket, hope you will get one👍 See you @steemfest


Send @theaustrianguy to SteemFest3!!!

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Du hättest es dir wirklich verdient!! Würde auch so gerne hin, aber wie schon beim letzten mal bin ich auf Reisen.

Of course everyone would love to have the free ticket

This sounds so real :) I hope we both win the contest @theaustrianguy

Ja daran wäre ich interessiert! :) das wäre super

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good luck

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