Lemurs Hug Tree Trunks To Cool Down When Temperatures Top 30°C - [2022-09-23 Ehpnt4]

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Physicists found the shortest measurement to collapse a quantum state:

Measuring a quantum object makes it lose its odd quantum properties, and it only takes between 0.1 billionth of a second to 0.1 sextillionth of a second

Decarbonising the shipping industry will cost more than $1 trillion:

Powering all shipping vessels with zero-emission fuels by 2050 would slash the industry's emissions, but it would require between $1 trillion and $1.4 trillion of investment

Web of blood vessels helps protect whales’ brains while swimming:

When a whale pumps its tail up and down to swim, a wave of increased blood pressure moves from the tail to the head – but a network of vessels redirects the animal’s blood to protect the brain

These male hummingbirds evolved to be tiny so they can do cool dives:

Male bee hummingbirds evolved to be much smaller than females, possibly because their diminutive size allows them to make faster and more elaborate courtship flights

Too many electric cars charging at night may overload electrical grid:

As electric car ownership rises, we will need new infrastructure to avoid overwhelming electricity grids – including public charging stations and more daytime charging

Scientists who discovered cause of narcolepsy win Breakthrough Prize:

Emmanuel Mignot and Masashi Yanagisawa won the 2023 Breakthrough Prize in life sciences for their discovery of the molecular mechanisms in the brain that cause the sleep disorder narcolepsy

Bubble of hot electrons seen hurtling around our galaxy’s black hole:

For about two hours, a bubble of extremely hot electrons whirled around the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole at 30 per cent of the speed of light, and then it was destroyed

Astronomers trace fireball in Earth's skies to space rock that made it:

In an effort to learn more about potentially hazardous asteroids, astronomers have used telescopic surveys to find an image of the space rock that produced a 0.4-kiloton fireball over the Pacific Ocean

Lemurs hug tree trunks to cool down when temperatures top 30°C:

A type of lemur called white sifakas embraces the base of some trees to release heat, with the base of the tree trunk being up to 5°C cooler than the surrounding air

Defining what constitutes a 'new' species isn't straightforward:

Even at this time of rapid extinction, there are many species to be discovered, but we need to take care over what we mean when referring to "new species", says Penny Sarchet

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