Sweet Scot Airdrop Feature

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The sweet Scot Airdrop is a way to airdrop Steem Engine tokens to Steem users based on certain actions like voting on a post, resteem and follow.

how to airdrop

  • Upvote Airdrop Airdrop tokens for upvoting a predefined Steem post. The tokens will be shared equally between all the voters. To airdrop based on upvote, you can simply send the tokens to Airdrop to @steem-automation with memo airdrop voters post-url.
  • Resteem Airdrop You can Airdrop tokens to people who resteem a post by sending the airdrop amount to @steem-automation with memo airdrop resteems post-url
  • Follow Airdrop You can Airdrop tokens to people who follow a certain steem-account by sending the airdrop amount to @steem-automation with memo airdrop follow steem-account


The fees for Airdrop is 100 sweet per Airdrop, which is equivalent to 10 steem at our IEO price. You can send the fees after creating an Airdrop to @steem-automation with memo deposit.

What's next

A portal for sweet scot will be Announced soon which enables ordering the sweet Scot services from the browser. This will also display stats and generate reports for the Scot products.

Stay tuned for updates and Buy some SWEET for the IEO at https://swapsteem.com.

Upvote and Resteem to get some SWEET Rewards from the SWEET'Drop.


Hey @swapsteem. Thank you for meeting us with the sweet token. I have already got some sweets from xawi in our neoxian city server!

I am also resteeming this so that more users here can meet with sweet tokens and airdrops. The price is also sweet so I think everyone will love it.

keep it going.

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Wow that really awesome

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How Sweet it is @swapsteem this is the reason for growth among-st the crypt-o-community . My personal thanks through-out swapsteem and all the best ahead on true growth that will add on @steemit and @steemengine . Good day all

Das ist eine coole Sache 👍

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