@smartdrop - A tool to Airdrop Steem Engine tokens

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Swapsteem SmartDrop

We have created a bot that can airdrop tokens to steem users based on specific actions like voting on a post or staking a token.

To initiate the airdrop, users just need to send the fees as a steem transfer and put tokens to be airdropped in the transfer memo field to @smartdrop account with a specific token transfer memo as given below.

Airdrop to Voters of a post

Send tokens with memo airdrop:voters:<steem post url>

Airdrop to resteems of a post

Send tokens with memo airdrop:resteems:<steem post url>

Airdrop to Followers of an account

Send tokens with memo airdrop:followers:<steem-account-name>

Airdrop to stakers of a token

Send tokens with memo ```airdrop:stakers:

Airdrop to Token delegators to an account

Send tokens with memo airdrop:delegations:<token symbol>:<delegation account>

Note: The Delegation airdrop does NOT work for STEEM POWER delegation.


We charge 1 steem per 50 users. So if your airdropped is targeted to 100 users, you'll have to send 2 steem as fees.

UI for Smart Drop

A minimal UI Will be released soon this week to help the users use the airdrop feature easily from a web application. Stay tuned for the updates.

Call to Beta testers

The project is still being tested by our in house team. If you are interested in testing the @smartdrop feature, please drop a comment below so that we can whitelist you.

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Sounds cool, will try with some BEER later on

I'd be keen to test, sounds freaking awesome! Would love this feature once my tribe is started

You can airdrop any tokens you have in your steem engine wallet. There is no minimum amount to be airdropped.

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@chekohler login is fixed at swapsteem

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Brilliant, checked it out and created a buy order now :) Thank you so much

that's amazing, but how it will work? should i send that specific memo with Steem transaction? or token transaction? for example i want to airdrop 10 PAL to voters of a post, what i will do?

You'll have to send the fees in STEEM transactions and the tokens in the memo of the steem txn as json. Or they can make two separate transactions

  1. For fees deposit
  2. For token deposit
    A UI and elaborate tutorial with steps to perform will be released soon.

This is a nice service.

Hooo- man. Just what I've been looking for! Sign me up!

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