Announcement Swapsteem Mall - Peer to Peer market on steem

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After finishing the !stip project, we are now moving forward to our next project, a peer to peer market for real and virtual goods and services combined steem blockchain and steem engine tokens.

We have created SMALL Tokens on steem-engine that will be used as a native token for Swapsteem mall and will be accepted for payments and purchases of items on the mall as well as payment of handling fees.

As a part of the @swapsteem project, 20% of SMALL will be mined by the swapsteem community via Proof of stake mining based on users SWEET stake.

20% of the small tokens are reserved for development and promotion of the platform.

Rest of the tokens will be issued to swapsteem mall users based on their activity and value brought to the platform.

Stay tuned for the whitepaper and more details on the token.

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No stopping you guys at the moment! Great work and I wish you every success and best wishes. I looking forward to swappi g my sweet tokens for miners :-)

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Sorry, @swapsteem You’ve reach daily limit of 5 successful STIP calls!
Please try again in tomorrow!

To view or trade STIP go to
Token distribution bot developed by @swapsteem & @ali-h

Cool. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!
So there are miners for this?

Yes, A part of SMALL token will mined by SWEET tokens stake.

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