#AskSteem Is He a Math Genius but Maybe not a History Genius?

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- The Human Calculator -

Recently, before the end of the year, I posted the question asking why modern numbers look the way they do.

I originally believed it had to do with angles, or rather that each number contained the number of angles within the number representation. For example, the number 1 has one angle while 5 would have 5 angles and 0 of course has 0 angles. See image

I learned this from watching the math videos by Scott Flansburg, known as the Human Calculator.

These are great videos and I highly recommend watching them. He explains and shows how we all can become better at math. He talks about the Gregorian calendar and its flaws versus a more simple but effective Lunar calendar that actually even corresponds better to our organic biology.

Anyhow, His love of math clearly shows, and therefore when Scott mentioned that this is how our modern numbers came to be, I considered it as true.

So after I asked this ASKSTEEM question, several Steemians answered by mentioning the Hindu-arabic influence, but not the angles part. Then @edgargonzalez mentioned the angles part to the answer. I figured that Edgar found the correct answer and that was the end of it until I decided to verify his answer.

Unfortunately I could not verify the answer after doing some research on the design history of moderns numbers. Although there are still some questions as to exactly how design of modern numbers came to be, for the most part history recognizes the Hindu-Arabic influence to most numbers, and nowhere could I find a connection to this angles idea to the numbers. Therefore I conclude this idea to be a modern hoax unless proven otherwise.

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amigo feliz año,mucha salud y muy buenos deseos para usted que logre todo lo que se proponga,yo estoy ausente porque el computador daño el disco duro y no se cuando arreglar es muy costoso,ahorita un amigo me presto en su casa el de el para escribirle a algunos porque a todos es mucho y me da pena y me ofrecio copiarme mis post luego de yo hacerlos pero sera uno semanal,de verdad esta situacion me tiene muy mal de animo pero que puedo hacer.paciencia para cuando pueda de todas maneras visiteme siempre que pueda tenga algo publicado y pueda darme su voto,saludos y un fuerte abrazo en union familiar


Feliz Año Nuevo!! No hay descuido, y espero que pronto se resuelva ese problemita... le mando poquito Steem, haber si eso le ayuda.... y tambien puede usar su cellular para hacer steem posts.... usando Partiko or otros apps.

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Nice info i was not aware to that

Amigo @streetstyle exelente post que nos presenta, ya que cada número representa el mismo número de ángulos . Que tenga una feliz noche amigo.


@edgargonzalez Es lo que pensaba, pero no es haci...

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Muy interesante este post de la calculadora humana...! Todo se basa en práctica


Practica con sus claves @elianisa09 cuando ponga un Steem post nuevo, dejeme saber para hacerle upvote

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I am really amazed I never knew for sure that angles were the criterion used for numbers . This is a clear eye opener to me. I believe in the angle theory than the hindu-arabic theory @streetstyle


@obest Unfortunately there is no evidence or proof that I could find to support the idea (I wouldn’t call it a theory) that angles influenced the creation of modern numbers, but did find evidence that would leD one to conclude that most modern numbers are heavily Hindu-Arabian influenced.

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a very useful article friend.
I agree with you @streetstyle

Happy year @streetstyle, we must take into account that the greatest discoveries have been by chance, perhaps this is one of those realities, since there is no evidence that each number was made, its shape by the angles, greetings!

Very interesting the study of mathematics, I love this topic.

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I love that from The Human Calculator, it sounds good

I hadn't even thought of the number of angles in the number. Interesting. I'm going to check out the youtube video. It's fun to learn random things!

This is really interesting. thanks my dear friend @streetstyle

You are right that's how numbers are written these days and as I follow that your numbers it give me full explanation. So numbers are now written with angles

interesting post @streetstyle

Esta es una publicación muy interesante @streetstyle ya que tienes dos teorias de por que los números modernos se ven como hasta ahora; la primera de la influencia Hindu-Arabe en los mismos y la segunda la del ángulos que contiene cada número no se amigo pero estoy más cerca de la primera teoria pero de todas formas hay que investigar muy bien sobre este tema tan interesante