Why we here?

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All I know is me, you and Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Elon Musk name any human being will all end up the same. You might all have more money than me but when the day comes we all die with nothing absolute zero other than a list of good and bad things you have accumulated throughout your life.
If you believe in heaven and hell, I don't think my accumulated wealth will get me a pass in do you?
I'm not bothered what religion anyone is they have to acknowledge there is one god looking over us all.
We can't all be the same else it would be boring, we can't all have money, else it would be boring.
We can all try being good.
We choose to believe theories created out of thin air which there is no way of really proving.
I see nature, animals the way they look after each other we ain't even capable of doing that properly.
We love wars, hating on each other coz of our beliefs, colour etc
We have proof all around us of the greatness of god but we choose to ignore it.
Then again we are just humans.

Well respected speaker talking about why we are put on this earth as human beings but over time we have forgotten and have gotten caught up in the world we live in


Ramadan Mubarak
Peace and love to everyone

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