Partiko Android Easter Egg #1 : Reward Break Up

in partiko •  5 months ago

Already missed one of the egg "the static curation bar on every post" submitted by other user few min ago.....

Here is my entry.

Earlier the Reward break option was not available on post

However in @partiko latest version, the new feature enabled to choose the reward option with 3 drop down list

  • 100 % sp
  • 50-50 %
  • decline payout.

Here is the screen shot.


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Collect one dozen egg. Good luck


Half fry? What you like for tomorrow breakfast 😛 @shilpavarma....bheja fry or anda fry ? Or boiled...i got few...haha

Thanks for the submission! Unfortunately this feature was introduced in the very first version of Partiko!

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Ohh the bigger screem help me to notice now 😉

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