NEOXIANCITY Dtube contest|| what year did you get into Cryptocurrency? What pulled you in and why?

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Hi Dtube Community 💞🤗

Actually this is my first Dtube contest, just had to add my own Opinion to this catchy headline contest. This content is Sponsored by @neoxian-city in cooperation with @zaku

Finding it so hard to upload via Dtube, but I guess I'd find a way soon my mentor has been abit busy to put me through.

Cryptocurrency has been a thing I toil with over the years, something I wasn't really putting my mind on, just knew I had a connect with it but don't know how to go about it.

Wayback 2016 when I joined the MMM Nigeria where we had to make our commitment with Bitcoin.

Year 2018 got me more involved in Crypto world, then I was trying to get myself busy going here and there to get something doing then i got to know more about the likes of etherium, Lithium, Bitcoin cash and so on it was a worthwhile experience but still I had my ups and downs which made me think twice again.

Then finally this time I didn't actually get into the crypto world for the fun of it, but some what a passion now, because it's the future and want to grow with it also networking, meeting like minds sharing ideas and most importantly Cryptocurrency can be easily verified and has a decentralized way of exchange


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