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BITMEX BTCMachine: Jan 28th Update (Profits in 10x leverage)

#ADA: SHORT (live from jan 24h)
Short from 1220; shared 1211
Nature: Downtrend. Finding support last 6h
✅88% profit🚀

#BCH: SHORT (live from jan 24h)
Short from 0.0364; shared 0.0361
Nature: Downtrend. Finding support last 6h
✅120% profit 🚀

Long from 6713; shared 6723 Closed 6732. Shared 6507
❌30% loss

Short From 0.00903;shared 0.00877
Nature: Reversed from uptrend; LH, LL evolved to downtrend.

#TRX: SHORT (live from 25th )
Short from 670
Nature: Breakout to seek lower levels
✅43% profit

#XRP: SHORT (live from jan 24th)
Short from 8989; shared 8931
Nature: Accelerating downtrend
✅60% profit

#XBT: SHORT (live from jan 25th)
Short from 3546
Nature: Climatic downtrend, finding minor support at 3400 level. Second leg down possible.
✅45% profit

#ETH: SHORT (live from jan24th)
short from 117.1 shared 115.9
Nature: Downtrend, evolved to major downtrend.
✅110% profit🚀

If you want to enjoy the bitmex btc machine you can rent the machine in your Tradingview account.

Contact @blockmanager
More info @bitmexbtcmachine

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Hi @shashank52, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @blockmanager and @bitmexbtcmachine don't exist on Steem. Maybe you made some typos ?

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