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You better believe
This will not continue:
My eyes and your hands

The view I know
Lives yonder
Your reach runs through sand

My sight sails
While my eyes shut
Blinds bathe and drop in dreams

Your grasp glides in
Gullible gales
And guilded gifts end the evening


The flame flies south
As the furnaces frames
The words from our mouth

In rows, we slip past Mason Dixons
Like Macy’s Day

The books we weave inflate the sky
Like lineage parades

As one voice and plural harmonies
Smoke slips to memory

Image source: https://unsplash.com/@buco_balkanessi

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Very nicely said words buddy :)

While liked the 1st part more :)


I hear you. The way these work is the first is weighing on me. The second comes to mind after the burden is lifted.

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Nice poem and beautiful to read that today great work :)