How old is the sun? What are the structural elements?

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About 4600 million years ago our solar system was born. About 1.3 million times in size, from the big earth. Sun has spent 40% -45% of the energy spent on its birth. Converting hydrogen from helium to continuous helium is continuously flowing on the sun. It can take five thousand to eight thousand million years to complete fuel costs. Then the bright sun will turn into a large red giant. From the present condition, the magnificent red giant, with a magnified diameter greater than 100 times 100 times the diameter of the Sun, will be able to consolidate the Earth's orbit with its vast range of Mercury, The entire red giant will emerge in the sky in the sky. Human civilization from this earth will be submerged in any other solar system, but it will be seen that the old habitat left behind will leave them. Hundreds of millions of years will be cut in this way. Red Giant will shine in red giant Expand will be further compressed in size. All the forces will be transformed into thin air in the planetary nebula. The remainder will be a small portion of the center of the sunrising sun, which will be transformed after billions of years in the Dwarf-like Brown Dowerf. Its mass is only eight percent of the mass of the current sun. The result of the stars in space, who will have to accept everyone who is rich in the sun's features.

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