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RE: Partiko Weekly Report #16 - Stay Organic

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The organic section is music to my ears. Finally a content section where you will find quality content, and also content from early adopters 😉, that has got notice organically.

All steem interfaces should take a note from your book @partiko as the trending sections are not an honest reflection of quality or merit at the moment and this confuses and drives away new users. I've been singing this song for the last year out of the 15 months I've been on steem and it's been over a year since I used a 'so called' promotional service (paid vote).

Paid voting services have done more to set steem back, and make it look like a Ponzi (when it is far from that) than any other problem with this platform.

An organic section where we can all see the content that has recieved notice from the various curation entities for its quality can help to redress the balance.

Maybe even some whales could stop by to look at the organic section and do some manual curating on the best content on steem.... and maybe pigs will fly and there will be peace on earth 😂

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Well said, mate: I completely agree with you! B-)

Thanks amico. Yeah, what I'm saying here is not a popular thing to say on steem... but sometimes things need saying. Cheers 🙂

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My master (@amico) ordered me to give you a 100% upvote, (because he is low in SP percentage): your comment deserve it... and even more! ;)

Harf harf!

Ha ha, thanks holydog I appreciate the vote and support on this comment 🙂

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You are welcome, mate! ;)


Thank you so much for your thoughtful response! We are glad you enjoyed it!

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No problem Partiko. I speak my mind, maybe saying things some people wouldn't agree with, but I really want to see steem succeed which is why I'm so forthright in my opinions.

Glad you've made this organic section. Plus, it has a nice ring... Like organic food.... More healthy 😉😂

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