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Tajikistan was a beautiful country to cycle through. We had the most enjoyable experience camping — such a variety of environment we camped in like the desert, riverside, lakeside, up the passes, and in massive valleys.

27.07.18 After a grueling climb up to the border at 4280 m, we made it to Tajikistan by 4 pm. Can't complain because we had a beautiful day with magnificent views.

28.08.18 The second 4000+ m pass soon followed but we were rewarded with a beautiful view of Kara-kul. Supposed to be a nice downhill ride but we got hit with headwind.

29.08.18 Found another cyclist with the same colour bags as us, also she's moving to New Zealand to the same city we came from!

30.08.18 "Oat" was with us for two days as we slowly made our way up the highest pass on M41 "Ak-Baital" at 4655 m. We lost him after going to fast down the pass. We heard he switched loyalty to another cycling couple going opposite us.

31.08.18 Our tent pole broke but luckily we had a spare part to keep it together... for now. Very awkward trying to deal with warranties when you're halfway across the world from the shop.

01.09.18 We made new friends from Bulgaria, although we travel differently to them, we had so many things in common and talked all night into 10 pm (which is extremely late for us)

02.09.18 Matt felt really sick in the stomach so Pheng made a favourite dish from China: Tomatoes and Eggs on Rice "番茄炒蛋米饭"

03.09.18 While Matt rests in the tent, Pheng went back to town to get more food and some internet. Our camp site had plenty supply of wood and water.

04.09.18 Pheng headed back into town because our solar panel broke! This local had the right tools to fix our panel and afterward offered Pheng tea and bread!

05.09.18 Matt is feeling much better today, he even created stone bridges to cross the rivers. Can you spot the 3 he built? That day we were able to carry on and start ascending another pass.

The next 10 will come soon!

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