Thank you for taking the Partiko Delegation Plan survey!

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Hello Partiko lovers,

Thank you for taking the Partiko Delegation Plan survey! As promised, we are rewarding Partiko Points to the participants!

500 Partiko Points for Each Participant!

The below people are rewarded with 500 Partiko Points!

2000 Partiko Points for SteemFest 3 Participants!

If you took the survey and we missed you, please let us know!

Partiko will announce our delegation plan in this week. Please stay tuned!

Together, let's change the world.

Onwards and upwards,
Partiko team

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Well dang I’m sure glad I did the survey this morning 😉

As always you rock and have my full support, will be doing my next round of delegation increases this week. As my account grows so will my delegations 👍

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Oh, how did i miss out on this. 😞. Better luck next time.

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恭喜你!您的这篇文章入选 @justyy 今日 (2018-11-16) 榜单 【优秀的文章】, 回复本条评论24小时内领赏,点赞本评论将支持 @dailychina 并增加将来您的奖赏。

Congratulations! This post has been selected by @justyy as today's (2018-11-16) 【Good Posts】, Steem On! Reply to this message in 24 hours to get rewards. Upvote this comment to support the @dailychina and increase your future rewards! ^_^

@partiko, I am glad to be on the list. Thank you for the Partiko points.

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Thank you! For your support!

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Received! Woohoo, thank you!

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Yaay! Glad you received it!

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Ops. Look like it was doable by me but anyhow I missed it.

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I missed the survey but am interested in delegating to Partiko. Following.

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Thanks, can i say i was at SteemFest also? Most famous moment was winning the poker tournament there, see my last resteem. Much love.

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Bah! I was moving and I missed it. Round 2 for extreme justice...

I m pretty sure I can get half of helpie to try out (flexes mighty 2 sbd)...

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I thought I had taken that survey , maybe I forgot oh well, love your app

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