Merry Christmas! What a 2018 for Partiko!

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Hello Steemians and Partiko lovers,

It's been an awesome year! We are so proud and fortunate to be able to serve such an amazing community, and we are so glad we managed to grow together! Thank you!

It's Christmas, so it's time to reflect and celebrate. What have we achieved together this year?

In April

Partiko debuted the Android app on the Steem Creators Conference.

In May

We integrated SteemConnect, and launched the Partiko iOS Beta Testing Program.

In June

We launched our first ever giveaway event, and Partiko iOS finally hit the App Store.

In July

We launched Partiko Points, onboarded 3 amazing Partiko Partners and started the first ever Easter egg giveaway.

In August

We onboarded another 3 Partiko Partners, started our first weekly report and started running our own witness node.

In September

We went through HF20 with the rest of the Steem community.

In October

We hit the 2000-follower milestone, won the Netcoin competition together, hosted the first ever Steem community event in San Francisco, and onboarded our first ambassador.

In November

We launched Partiko Messaging at SteemFest3, and raised 220K Steem Power from the amazing community in 4 days.

In December

We onboarded Partiko Partner #7 and #8, helped save over 50K Tumblr blogs, and hit the ProductHunt frontpage with the support from the community.

Partiko now has over 6000 daily active users, and we're still growing rapidly. Without your help, none of this would have been possible!

We never celebrate without giving back to our amazing community, and this time is no exception!

You can get 1 STEEM and 500 Partiko Points by finishing all of the simple tasks below:

  • Resteem this post
  • Leave a comment down this post and tag three of your friends

You can get another 1 STEEM and 500 Partiko Points by writing a short post using Partiko, and include "Partiko 2018" in the title and #partiko-2018 in the tags. You can write anything in the body.

We look forward to a more amazing 2019 with all of you!

Together, let's change the world.

Onwards and upwards,
Partiko team

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Merry Xmas and happy new year. Keep up all the good work.

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Partiko is the best dapp of 2018!!!😁💙🎉 I'm wishing an awesome 2019 for all Partiko lovers and team🙌 Keep on the fast growing🚀👍😃

I tag @steemflow @devann @xpilar @amico @naijauser

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Thanks for tagging me, but I was one of the first commenters on this post! 😜

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Ahhhah😂 Sorry!!😁 well so its a reminder eh eh

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Great dApp! It’s simple& easy to use... which is what I need in a dApp
Love the support and attention you give the users!
I’ll tag folks I would like to hear from more :
Great seeing/meeting u guys at SF3

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I agree, @partiko is so easy to use.

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I love partiko a lot since it easy to comment, make a post, upvote. I get to see my rep, sp, steem, SBD and number of followers at a go.
One other thing I love about partiko is how fast they give notifications.

@afolwalex @ammyluv @clicked

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I love the notifications on @partiko

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Good work to the team...I am glad I am one of the family. Cheers to greater and better 2019.
@xawi @ferrate @uche-nna come and join.

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Being part of the @partiko community in 2019 is best way to be active on steemit

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Hmmm I'm new user looking forward to seeing benefits of this app @ifeoluwa88 @akomoajong thanks for mentioning me guys @burlarj @udezee @jlordc

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It has been a wonderful road and things are only just starting to take off! I cannot wait to see where this takes all of us!

💪 Thank You So Much 🙏 @Partiko

@dnews @humanearl @alphasteem @captainbob @toddmck @reseller @neopch you all rock just wanting to say thank you for helping very early on in my journey 🥰

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Bless Ya 😎🙏

Posted using Partiko iOS

Likewise my friend 🙏

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Follow the blue @partiko road to the Steem Blockchain core.

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I dunno I always thought of the paid article road as green 😎

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I am trying to use it as much as I can. As I spend most of my time with PC, until today I was not using it much.
Today I discovered BLUESTACKS. Not that I like this emulator very much ( I had much trouble to login via steemconnect on it), hopefully I will be able to use partiko more now.
Resteemed, and tagging now to try partiko on your mobiles @aurimo @iveta @ligit

Any plans to make a NORMAL partiko app for windows PC?

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Using @partiko is the best way to be active in the steem blockchain

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Partiko is the best Steemit interface for me ever. @mermaidvampire @olivia08 and @otom Have a wonderful day! Cheers!!!

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Glad I was using Partiko in posting my pictures. Try this @rovill @bien @dianargenti

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Thank you for your mention Sir @benedict08

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Partiko is growing fast and gorgeous: it’s the easy and fastest way to socialize on the Steem blockchain, isn’t it?

I nominate my preferred bloggers:

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thanks for the mention @crmillaz. I have never used partiko before. I think I may try it on these coming days. Cheers😊

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