Wanna come with me to the ghetto?

in #partiko2 years ago

I'm about to post a ridiculous and pointless conversation, because it made me laugh.

I wanted to share with you because sharing is caring and I care. Duh.

I wanna spread laughter like it's a disease.

Anyway, I'm the green one.

There's no reason this should make me laugh out loud as much as it does... But it does.

What's something that made you laugh or smile today?

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Lol don't forget to pack your ghetto pass

Uh oh I left it! What happens now?

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Lol you’ll have to stay out hood and no acting like a hoodrat

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I’d be that friend 😂

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Hahaha YES!!! Adding you to the list of people to invite

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Amazing! 😃

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Great to see you posting regularly again :)

Trying. As long as everything goes back to normal then I'll post like always before

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Those kinda conversation with me get you the ones in which I don’t respond with a (seen) reply lol

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Haha but you're going to miss out on so many ghetto adventures!

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I was raised in the ghetto, won’t miss it hahaha

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