Woke Culture - Obama’s Damage Control

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I have to chastise people praising Obama because they have a short memory. This is like having the pyromaniac who just committed an act of arson also play the firefighter.

In 2012, Herman Cain was an articulate elderly black man who was running as a Republican in the GOP primary; while the sexual harassment card that was subsequently played on Herman Cain forced him out of the primary and allegedly linked to the Rick Perry campaign, I think that Obama and the DNC was responsible for the Cain dropout because Cain was a black man and if he were on the debate stage next to Obama, Cain would’ve steamrolled him. Therefore, the DNC torpedoed his campaign and basically won the 2012 presidential election. Combined with weaponizing the IRS to target conservative political groups in the 2012 election along with the events surrounding Trayvon Martin and Ferguson Missouri, Obama is the man who launched the precursor to the Woke culture that is systematically destroying our culture and society. Obama is engaged in damage control because he sees the culture of political division that he instigated is now backfiring on him and his political allies.

Do not give any praise to the man because he started this mess and he NEEDS to be called out for it.

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