Crispy Ducks Hanging In A Chinese Restaurant. They Taste Very Good. (No Offense To The Vegans)

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In Chinatown you can frequently see displays of crispy ducks hanging together. They cook like this for many hours. It makes the juices flow and the skin to get nice and crispy.

I’m a big fan of duck, but it is so fatty that I don’t eat it often. At a restaurant like Congee Queen in Toronto (where I took this photo) they take the duck down right when you order it and cut it up perfectly.

I often get Peking duck with the cucumbers and little pancakes but lately I’ve been ordering duck plain, similar to how you might order fried chicken.

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Just finished reading a post about the benefits of intermittent fasting and I was all like, "Yeah, intermittent fasting is great, there's all these benefits, I know heaps of people that do it and they're all like, "Yeah intermittent fasting is so great...." then I read your post about Peking duck and now I'm like, "Gotta get me some DUCK!!!" I live in Adelaide, South Australia and literally EVERYONE knows the place to go to get Peking duck exactly like what you're talking about - it's the best :)

This is funny. I'm fasting right now. I've heard good things about intermittent fasting as well so now I do it everytime I get sick or feel like I'm getting sick. I'm at 24 hours now since I last ate and all the food posts I'm seeing on steemit are not helping me at all right now.

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Lol. I know what you mean. In terms of diet I suppose balance is the key. It’s interesting how Peking duck seems popular all over the world.

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I've always wanted to try this ever since I saw it on TV. It looks so good. Never tried it but I'm definitely going to the first chance I get.

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The duck or the fasting?

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