Social media - It's a dog eat dog world

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I'm quite new to the Steem Blockchain, I only joined on August 14 2018, and I was introduced to it by a video on YouTube. The video which I am now unable to find, explained how Steemit and DTube are good for uploading content you already have on other social media sites as a way of earning cryptocurrency by recycling old content. Sounded super easy, and appealing. Free money, what's not to like?

So I signed up for free, waited two weeks for my account to be opened and I set about uploading videos, once a day from some of my Facebook pages straight on to DTube. This I now know was a rookie mistake.

I didn't do any research into the Steem Blockchain, I just took the word of someone on YouTube, and they were wrong. As most of you reading this will know, it is not a place for recycling stuff already published elsewhere, and once you put something on the Blockchain it's stays there. Being a newbie or plankton, as they call new steemians, it's not easy for more experienced steemians who look at my profile to take me seriously knowing or thinking that I have in their eyes just posted shit, and who can blame them? It is shit!

Social media is a dog eat dog world where everyone is trying to get noticed by posting their entire lives for all to see. And they don't just post it in one place, they recycle the same content to all their accounts, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to name a few.

I don't just follow people on here for follow backs, or comment for no reason. I see great potential in Steem and want to help it grow. I have uploaded and will continue to upload original photography on which is also on the Steem Blockchain, and I do have some ideas for DTube videos, which I will record when I get some time. I just hope my bad start on the Steem Blockchain does not prevent me from shedding my plankton status and becoming a whale.

If you have read all that, I appreciate you taking the time to do so, and wish you well on your own Steem journey.

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