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in partiko •  19 days ago

How does one stop overthinking? It's 7 AM and haven't gotten any sleep last night due to overthinking an upcoming event.
I wish I could stop the mind racing.


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Appreciated @meshuga.

sometimes the same thing happens to me too.
It is really exhausting.
As we know, mind and thought never stop, so you can not stop thinking. But you can try to replace that uncomfortable thought with another that is pleasant. So you'll rest.
I hope my advice will works for you.

I didn't hear from you so I decided to check out your profile to see if you're still active. Im glad to know that you're around :)
Unfortunately, I can not give you an upvote at this moment . I only now realized that I have committed a lot without checking my voting power. And it was reduced to 50%. Next time :)

All the best, Piotr