Very lochy

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Today I was in Balloch which is a small town North of Glasgow (to me the name sounds like a demon from one of the diablo games ^-^). It is loch-ated at the most Southern point of one of the biggest lakes in the UK: Loch Lomond. The picture above was shot close to Balloch pier.

I was very Loch-y since rain was forecasted for today but it turned out to be mostly dry. Even though during most of the day the clouds where b-loch-ing the sun, the landscape Lochs amazing. You should Loch it up if you are ever in Scotland. :D

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Wow! Mysterious beautiful!
Is the rock of the sea surface all natural? Artifact?

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Yup. It is a lake so it is not connected to the sea. It is about 200m deep so maybe there are some monsters in it ;)

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