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The essence of prayer is simply to talk to God
as you would with a dear friend, without pretensions or
lightness However, many believers have problems with
This attitude towards prayer. Because the communion with
God is so vital and prayer.
Delaware! God's plan, e! enemy constantly tries to introduce
Errors in our understanding and commitment to prayer.
Each generation faces the need to give again
Priority and purification of corruption of trust.
For many, prayer has been replaced with the
Pragmatic action The function cancels the communion with God; the
hustles move the communication. For others, prayer.
He lacks admiration and respect. Your efforts are superficial,
Disrespectful and irreverent Then there are those who believe
That prayer was designed to demand and claim God. They try to force him to do what he thinks he should do for
Finally, for others, prayer is nothing more than a

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