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Hello again, friends. So, after my last all-too-long update, I am back with another update and somewhat of a reversal of events. Late last week, I decided to re-open an old vacant blog I had previously used for poetry and stories and turned it into a new archive for my baseball articles. I decided there wasn't much interest here on WLS or steemit and wanted a way in which I could keep my writings and other stuff separate from my baseball articles. I am very happy with the way the website turned out and with its appearance. Hoping I can build a following somehow there and maybe even grow enough to do a podcast down the road and possibly make a career out of it...who knows. It is way too early to say what will come of it. What this means for my WLS and Steemit is probably no more baseball articles aside from maybe an occasional betting article. I hope to continue using these platforms for my stories and poetry, etc, and other things that interest me outside of baseball and keep it more centralized on that.

Thanks for reading and following along. Check out my most recent story, Tanner's Wheel, if you have not yet. See you next time.

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The thing is why can't it all work together. Separation of concerns is not the same as separation for the sake of it. ... IE Wednesday can be baseball wednesday or highlights from your scorum blog etc, heck curate yourself ;)

I hate using him as an example all the time but if there is someone that has got this shit down it is meesterboom , you will note each post has a different theme according to the day with a clear break on beer saturdays which can be like your sports saturdays or something. fuckit gonna tag him maybe he can give you some tips as to how to manage writing vs sports content and find a balance that you might be looking for. @meesterboom ;) sorry


Separation of concerns
In computer science, separation of concerns (SoC) is a design principle for separating a computer program into distinct sections, so that each section addresses a separate concern. A concern is a set of information that affects the code of a computer program. A concern can be as general as the details of the hardware the code is being optimized for, or as specific as the name of a class to instantiate. A program that embodies SoC well is called a modular program.


I guess perhaps some of it can be attributed to the struggles of being a minnow

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