Blockchain Can Help Enterprises To Commercialise services At A Very Low Cost

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The explanation contained in this article is a detailed analysis of VANTA blockchain project. This post shows the grading of all the various aspects of the project and features which is strongest and can push the project to success

What is VANTA blockchain?

Basically, VANTA is a blockchain project that aims to create a smart and intelligent network for real-time connectivity and networking. The VANTA network will allow individuals and companies to easily create services that will help transmit data in the most efficient way.

VANTA blockchain is cored on providing the right infrastructure for enterprises to commercialise services at a very low cost. The project uses the VNT token as the default platform means of transaction.


Grade (8/10)

VANTA understands that the current framework and infrastructure does not posses the capability to sustain the increasing real-time data networking requirements. Scalability and throughput problems hinders companies from creating the best services due to increasing cost of servers and network maintenance. VANTA aims to provide solutions the above problems through its decentralized intelligent network based on blockchain technology.


(Grade: 9/10)

VNT is currently an ERC20 token which provides access to the VANTA platform and is the main factor that drives the VANTA ecosystem.

VANTA team has created a total of 56.2 billion VNT tokens to power it's ecosystem. The hard cap set by VANTA team is decent enough for current market conditions — 35% of the total tokens is allocated to be sold during the token sale. The development team will get to keep 10% of the tokens, which is not so greedy. 16% of the tokens is set aside for the development of the project. The amazing thing about VANTA is that the team did not lock any token as oppose to the practice of most blockchain projects.


(Grade: 7/10)

The roadmap put out by VANTA team is full of releases: both short term and also long term. This is particularly good to enhance further development of the project and to increases the confidence of the investors on long term. The project also details in the roadmap what the team has been working on before launching the ICO, so that investors know the current status of the development. VANTA plans to launch it's mainnet and swap to native VNT token in last quarter of 2019 (2019 Q3).


(Grade: 10/10)

VANTA team is quite big with the right experience in all the areas that required for success of the project.


Their advisers are also very experienced in software and IT industries — with most of them coming from major companies such as Microsoft and Oracle. I am confident that the team of VANTA posses the experience to help the project run smoothly from the beginning.


(Grade: 8/10)

The VANTA testnet will be released in Q2 of 2019, with the mainnet planned for Q3. Token swap will happen alongside the mainnet laugh.


(Grade: 9/10)
The major competition in the blockchain market is mostly from projects such as Quarkchain, credit and Zilliqa. However VANTA is targeting a different niche within the blockchain market — the project is aiming to provide enterprise-grade solutions in the areas of connectivity and real-time data networking. So I believe there is still a lot of room for improvement in this space, and VANTA will be a great product if the team can deliver on their promises and also engage in proper marketing.


(Grade: 6/10)
The Telegram channel of the project currently has around 2919 members and their Twitter has almost 1020 followers, which is very small and indicates a little interest from the community on this project. Although the presence on other social media channels is pretty good. And since the team did massive partnerships with major companies, ICO sell out pretty quickly.

Wrap up

(Grade: 8/10)
VANTA is a good project with a well thought out roadmap and huge partnerships — this has helped the project to sell out pretty quickly during ICO. If the proposed roadmap is implemented properly, VANTA could become one of the market leaders in blockchain spare, considering that we are just at the start of the blockchain revolution.

Essential VANTA Community Links


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