Technological Opportunities are Everywhere - Our Minds Just Need to Catch Up

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I was thinking about this notion the other day. The idea of tech opportunity being all around us yet our minds need to be open to it. Our brains need to catch up to the reality that is so eminent and prevalent here in the 21st century.

Gary Vee talks about this moment we live in right now and how it is the greatest time in history to be an entrepreneur / investor / author / or what have you. The age of the internet is upon us and with it comes immense opportunities simply from our palms.

The devices we hold and drive miles back home to get are dominating our world today. It’s crazy the number of people I see each day with their heads down looking at apps or playing games on their mobile device. Heck, I’m doing that right now as I write this post using @partiko!

The point here is this... we are at the BEGINNING of a huge shift in technological opportunity. We are so early yet we need to be aware of what is happening around us and what the market will respond to. We need to be aware of the current trends and how we can capitalize on our passions and interests.



We are in the age of social media and blockchain technology, which Steem delivers on both of those aspects. We just need to be patient and ride this thing out.

Steem is only just beginning at 2 years old. Just think about the people who ran away from Facebook after 2 years and how salty they must feel right now.

Opportunities exist all around us but our minds are still partly stuck in the industrial-age mentality. We need to start thinking on a whole new playing field so that we can take full advantage of the opportunities at hand.

This also involves going full in. Are you part way in or are you all the way in? Are you convinced that this social media thing and this blockchain thing is here to stay? I sure am, that’s why I’m writing this right now. I’m a believer 100%.

Accelerate your mind so that it can catch up to the reality that is among us or you could be left behind. Social and blockchain are the future, make sure you are running right along side them as you enter your inevitable series of successes in this life.

Feel free to drop a kind comment below.

Peace out ✌🏻




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Yes. Yes. Yes. Excellent man.

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Thanks brotha. Speakin’ from the heart

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The greatest opportunity we have in technology, IMHO, is decentralization. For too long, we have been strangled by the mega corporate owners of tech creating their own "walled gardens" in which have entrapped us. It is time for decentralized platforms like Steem to show the world that we can be responsible for our own content and data, and we don't need any mega corporation to constrain our use of it.

Absolutely. I feel a sense of peace here and also on other Dapps. I feel like users will be switching over to blockchain-based social networks as time passes and the masses begin understanding the true benefits of decentralization.

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Roger that. I'm with you 100% there.

I am completely agree the cryptocurrencies market has opened up a new world of opportunities to all of us, this way of making money was impossible to conceive 12 or even 10 years ago... What does expect to us in the future? Well maybe more big changes but for good.rawpixel-658254-unsplash.jpg