My story with partiko:[email protected]

in partiko •  last year

When my steem account got accepted,I posted my introduction as my first blog in the web.the UI for writing is so complex,then I started to search in the play store for the better app then I saw the best rating and best review for an app name called patriko so I install it and opened my steem account it is like Facebook app so easy to use and write.

My experience with partiko&Likes:
I wrote my second story with partiko,I am a new user to steem and I don't have much steem power my upvote will be much less,but every time I made a post partiko make sure that I get an upvote, and the UI and simplicity is awesome,who gave me vote and with how much u percentage did an upvote was given I can see easily with partiko one word to say simple app made steem easy.

What I don't like:
-Posted with partiko at the end of every post looks just ridiculous.
-one image to upload it is also
Apart from that two above it's the best app

Posted using Partiko Android

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