☘️Cannabis Plant Photo Share ( 2nd Partiko App Post ) ☘️

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☘️😎 Hi guys happy Sunday! I hope you all had a great weekend! Just a quick photo share today as I'm still figuring out posting on my cell phone in the new Partiko App., @partiko for the 2nd.time, of 2 Cannabis plants at a friend's house. I took these photos a couple weeks ago while visiting, hope you like them.😉

😎☘️Thanks for checking out my second Partiko post , your support is much appreciated!

@karenmckersie / @momskitchen

👍😎 Feel free to follow me on DLive as well,Thanks!

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This plant has a health benefits in fact, it is widely recognized as herbal plant but sadly, some people abused the use of this plant and they were now addicted to it.

Yes for sure ! it will be legalized here in Canada soon on Oct.17 / 2018 ! Very bennificial for medicinal purposes, Im looking forward to using the oil for my arthritis pain !😀😎✌

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Cool thanks for the information 😎👍

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Haha, the only plants I am growing at home these days is cress salad:

But to each their own, I guess! ;)

Love Cress Salad too ! So many bennificial plants available for us to enjoy, it's awesome !👌👍😎☘️

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Congratulations on your second post!

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Thanks , I'm slowly getting better at it lol!😎👍👌😉

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