Stellantis To Restructure European Dealer Network In July 2023 - [2022-11-25 Urchzp]

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WeWork China's former tech head introduces on-demand work pods for mental health: Rita Liao

At a time when China’s zero-COVID policy continues to interrupt offline work and face-to-face interactions, Dominic Penaloza, the former head of innovation and technology at WeWork China, is introducing a bold idea — on-demand work booths placed in public loc…

Musk says Twitter will offer "amnesty" to suspended accounts: Rebecca Bellan

Twitter will grant "a general amnesty" to suspended accounts starting next week after Musk posted a poll on the platform.

Twitter layoffs trigger oversight risk warning from Brussels: Natasha Lomas

In another move frowned upon by European Union regulators, Elon Musk-owned Twitter has shuttered its Brussels office. But the bloc has hit back -- warning that it could face tougher oversight.

Stellantis to restructure European dealer network in July 2023: Rebecca Bellan

Stellantis will reorganize its European dealer networks in July 2023 to cut costs and support its investment into electrification.

Bessemer, Playground, Root and Seraphim VCs will judge the TC Sessions: Space Pitch-off: Lauren Simonds

Meet the VCs from Bessemer Ventures, Playground Global, Root Ventures and Seraphim Space who will judge the TC Sessions: Space pitch-off on December 6 in Los Angeles.

India's AIIMS hit by outages after cyberattack: Jagmeet Singh

India's leading public medical institute, All India Institute of Medical Services, or AIIMS, is experiencing outages following a cyberattack.

Netflix is working on ‘brand-new AAA PC game’ based on job listings: Romain Dillet

Netflix has put up more than a dozen job listings on its website for Netflix Games Studio’s Los Angeles office, as spotted by These listings give us a few hints about the company’s plans for the new studio. In particular, Netflix is hiring a …

3 views: How wrong were our 2022 startup predictions?: Natasha Mascarenhas

How did our core startup theses for 2022 age in practice? Let's talk about acquisitions, usage-based pricing, and open source.

Can FTX's bankruptcy bring order to its chaos?: Jacquelyn Melinek

Welcome back to Chain Reaction. Last week on the podcast, we talked about the FTX collapse, which is still ongoing. This week, we’re taking a break from our Thursday news episode for Thanksgiving, but we had plenty of stories for you on the TechCrunch website…

Automating the income gap: Brian Heater

Automation and the income gap, recession and other tough conversations for around the Thanksgiving dinner table

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