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Before I get into my question, I would just like to say that life is just a day at the beach.

I am from the US, more specifically, Long Island New York. As far as regulations are concerned, New York is even more strict than most other states when i comes to regulation and finance.

Binance has announced that it is halting trading for US based customers, until a different, US specific exchange is opened, its leading us to at least explore other options, such as signing up for an additional limited functioning binance account on a computer using a VPN.

Along these same lines I’m looking into an iOS wallet that can store steem, and btc bnb etc. I would like to have all my coins and tokens on the same app or program. Also, a built-in exchange would be nice.

I’m also interested in a steem wallet that lets me swap steem and sbd... that volatility is looking mighty tempting...

I’ve known for a long time that keeping my coins on Binance is a bad idea in the long term... now it’s becoming a bit more urgent for us in the US. I guess better late than never. 🤷‍♂️

Any advice, comments and criticisms are welcome... well mostly all. Thanks for reading.

Stay classy steemit.

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Just realized I posted this with not one single tag. 🤷‍♂️ Live and learn right?

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Have you ever looked into an Exodus wallet? It can't hold Steem but it holds so many other coins. Besides, Steem has its own wallet, where you can change your steem for sbd and vice versa but I guess you already know that :>)

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