ZEN FAUCET now has bonuses & referrals

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Horizen (ZEN) is what people like to call a privacy coin. It was born out of a hard fork from ZClassic and was originally named ZenCash. Its eponymous blockchain uses zk-SNARKs technology for security and anonymity purposes.

I've been using this faucet for a while now, claiming every time I can (meaning once every 20 hours) or more realistically let's say, on a daily basis.

You can use any ZEN address you wish. I provide my Coinomi wallet address. My ZEN is sent there seconds after I've made my claim. And, withdrawal fee out my personal wallet is low so no need to accumulate during weeks before I'm able to trade it. Lately, I've been sending my gains to Binance where I can dust-swap it for Binance Coin (BNB) along with my other faucets earnings. Then, I exchange it all for Steem (STEEM). I'm in the slow process of powering up my account back to where it once was, and hopefully beyond...

The Daily Bonus is the most interesting of the two novelties I mentionned in the title. On the second consecutive day of using the faucet, we get 1.2 times the usual amount. Day 3 gives us 1.4x, day 4 1.6x, the 5th 1.8x plus a bonus round where we can earn up to 1 ZEN, and 2x on 6th (and final) day.

The other change to this still very simplistic faucet is the referral link. Use mine to register and I'll get a Bonus round. One bonus for every referral to be more precise.

Good luck and have fun:


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