The Twins Explore Petrosains | Part 1

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Today we went to the Petrosains museum for the first time. Because the girls are still under 3, they were free! Plus, I got a discount on my ticket!

Overall, I’d say that they were too young to appreciate everything, but it was fun to give them a taste of some “big kid” things (of course, I noticed quite a few parents were enjoying the exhibits too).

Each week I’m trying to explore new places with the girls without spending an arm and a leg. There are actually quite a few places that are free or discounted for them, so might as well enjoy that bonus while we can!

The twins love riding the MRT, so anything along the public rail system is a also plus!

Going out allows us to spend quality time together - without the distractions of housework and all the other things I “could/should” be doing. We get to share fun experiences and we go where the girls can run around and explore ... they’re super independent now so it’s nice to let them climb, open things, and try things for themselves without worrying about injuries or broken property. And when we get home, the girls are definitely ready for their naps!

Petrosains was much bigger than I was expecting. The space section had a lot of computer/tech exhibits which the girls couldn’t operate on their own, but they enjoyed watching the other kids do things — including the storm tunnel and gyromachine.

The dinosaurs were next and the one that greeted us took the girls by surprise! They calmed down after I reassured them it was just a toy. And then they had fun watching the other, very large toys move. Of course, the TRex growling was still a little too much, so we hurried on to the next section.

(To be continued...)

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Hi there Helen... It's been a long time.
Think we last met during the teammalaysia dim sum catch up... How's are your girls doing 😘

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Hi @ireenchew! It has been awhile! I’m not on Steemit much anymore... but we’re doing really well! Finally getting used to Cheras 😄

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Glad that u know your way around Cheras ...
It's a nice place to grow up...