Facing Mt. Enemy

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Went up a mountain called Mount Enemy today. (Seriously.. That's the name in Korean. 원수산.

To my surprise... at the top of the mountain was a huge slide. But not one for a child. Definitely NOT for a child under say 16.

I climbed all the way up..boy was it dangerous. If i hadn't have concentrated, i could have slipped and fallen. This is how dangerous it was. Why did i do it?
I'm a woman of risk, i suppose...
I dunno.

The slide from a distance...

I would have taken a picture from the top of the slide, but i found like 3 yellow jacket bees and so i hurried down the slide really fast. Why risk my life just for a pic, right?

Mushrooms on a wooden pole.

A fly

I made it up the mountain called Mt. Enemy because it is my enemy. Maybe it will help me grow stronger... mentally.

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The slide is like a reward for the hard work of climbing the mountain lol. That's pretty cool. It's a really big slide. I'm glad you didnt get stung by those bees!

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You would think they would make some climbing stuff out of rope, but this whole slide was made of metal. So every time I'd crouch down and crawl, my knees would just crunch on the metal net right under that convenient place under the patella bone. CRUNCH!

I don't think i will try this again any time soon, and i wouldn't recommend this activity to anyone over 40! I would say anyone 50+ and it would be impossible to climb up. People's bodies just don't work that way.

Yes. Those bees sure did give me a scare and a little scream, too. Lol~

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No enemy would forbid me to ride that slide @gungho :P
It funny that you even took a picture of that big fly 😅

Yeah...i remember you mentioned you couldn't even see a fly on the praying mantis post comment, so i took a picture of a fly just conveniently sitting there on the wood on Mt. Enemy.

Really. It's no big deal.
Flies are dirty bugs with no appeal. Lol! There's oh so much more to see outside than a fly, @cryptopie!
Hey, I rhymed!

And NO! That slide is really dangerous and i probably shouldn't have done it, too. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

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