My 10th payout from Steemeum

in partiko •  14 days ago

Ten weeks now that i joint the tester group of @steemeum and i think this project works well.

Sometimes i think 2 or 3 times i had some issues but after a chat on discord the creators fix it really fast.

So after 10 weeks my expsrience is still positive and i am looking forward to make #steemeum more popular.

For this week i get 0.671 SBD as you can see on the picture which is not bad for actualy not doing nothing.

All you have to do is run the mining app on your mobile and thats it. You can use your mobile or android as usual it will do his job in the background.

Where is the money from? How you can mine?

By set up the automatic vote in the application you vote for steemeum posts and the generated amount is divided for the users.

Sounds simply yes?

How you can join?

All you have to do is tho join the discord group of steemeum and asking for the testing role.
After that they will check your account if you are a active steemian and if yes you can download it😉

Happy mining and keep posting😉
Lets make steem a great crypto😉

( The screenshot is from partiko. If you are not yet useing partiko you can join join a growing group of partiko users on the following link: )

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