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in partiko •  3 months ago

To be honest AN amazingly done app.

And knowning very well eSteem for more than a year, I can tell this looks like the next step.

Don’t get me wrong but @good-karma did AN amazing job with eSteem and I keep referring that as the best app for advanced users. But Partiko looks so nice and recent, that makes me feel it’s just the next step.


I have only 3 requests!!!

  • Make it possible to edit posts
  • Allow pictures to be zoomed on the post
    -Make it possible to select text!

Posted using Partiko iOS

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Make it possible to edit post
Coming up in the next release.

Allow pictures to be zoomed on the post
Will add soon.

Make it possible to select text
We think we already have that!

It's amazing to hear good suggestions like that, and we are proud to be able to make Partiko better for you!

Posted using Partiko Android


You are correct about the selection of text. Something got wrong with my iOS!!!

Posted using Partiko iOS


Uau!!! I wish I had more STEEM to upvote my reaction to this... amazing!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Its an awesome app, missing features i love include dark mode - i spend so much time on steemit to lose my eyes :) with a whitish screen.

Posted using Partiko iOS


Would like that one too. Maybe as an idea... instead of two modes (dark and white), have the option of selecting the colour theme! This way everyone can adjust the app theme to the phone "personality". =)

I am imagining those red/pink phones, having just the match! Ouch!