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No, no, It wasn't love at first sight, no. When I first met Partiko, I was sceptical. She kept on showing up uninvited, saying the same words over and over again, as if she were an app or something:

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So I was slightly suspicious of her behaviour. But she was insistent, I gotta give her that. So I decided to give it a try, not like women like her keep flogging up on my doorstep all the friggin time...

And Alas!, what a babe she turned out to be. I fell in love instantly, I gotta admit. She made my minnow life so much easier. She's real easy maintenance too! And handy, flexible, pretty, she is.

Now, I have to thank the person that managed to hook me up with her. It was lovely @VictoriaBSB, patiently answering all my ridiculously minnowish minnow questions on the minnowsupport-help channel on the Peace, Abundance, Liberty server on Discord (check out @minnowsupport). I asked her if there is a convenient way to use Steemit on a mobile phone. Just Chrome just didn't do it for me, others find it perfectly sufficient. And she brought me to my new girlfriend Partiko. What a romantic story, isn't it? Guess that's what they call 'love at second sight'.

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