the story of an old grandmother and a magical cat

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There was a poor old grandmother who was cooking fish in her house. He lives alone because all his children are married and live in another city. He also does all the activities alone, including cooking. One day when frying a fish, a cat enters his house.

The cat meandered hungry at him, while the fish cooked by Grandma was only one. Grandma also hasn't eaten. Grandma feels sorry for the hungry cat. He also divided the two fish, half for him and half for the cat. The Cat eats fish with gusto. The grandmother also allowed the cat to live in her house. He stayed alone with the cat.

One day, my grandmother is sick. He is no longer able to stand up. No one takes care of him. He doesn't have anyone at home. He can only lie weak on the bed. Suddenly, Cat turned into a human child.

The cat takes care of him and always cooks food for him. Apparently, the cat is a magical cat that can turn into a human. The grandmother was very happy because someone cared for and looked after her in her old age. The cat who became a human never left Grandma. He always looked after and cared for Grandma until the end of his life.


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Hallo @farelsteem 👐 boleh kasih saran kan ya?
Karena ceritanya ttg old grandmother.. He dalam kalimat2 di atas ditambahin s didepannya jadi She. Karena He untuk dia laki2 dan She untuk dia perempuan.

Google translate tidak mampu membedakan terjemahan ia atau dia dalam bahasa Indonesia dengan tepat, maka perlu diedit sedikit.

Terima kasih sudah berbagi postingan menarik ini.

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