Story One Hundred and One Egg

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One day, the squirrel family was gathering on the dining table. It was winter, so the squirrels couldn't get out of the house. They confine themselves at home and eat food that has been prepared before winter arrives.

However, tonight, their food supply is only one egg. "We only have one egg. That won't be enough for the four of us, "said Squirrel. "It's okay, mother. We can share it for the four of us. "Father Squirrel replied.

"I'm so hungry, mother. Just cook one egg, "said the squirrel child. Hearing that, Squirrel Mother sadly took one of their last supplies of eggs. He wants to fry the egg. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door of their house.

The squirrel squirrel father opened the door. It turned out that the one who came was a Rabbit. "What's wrong, Rabbit?" Said Father Squirrel.

"I want to ask your help. My child is sick because he hasn't eaten for two days, while we don't have food anymore. May I just ask for one of your eggs for my sick child? "Rabbit asked. Squirrel's father felt sorry for Rabbit.

He went to the kitchen and talked to his wife. Luckily, Squirrel Mother hasn't cooked an egg yet. With sincerity, Squirrel's father gave the last egg to Rabbit.

"Give this egg to your child. I pray that he will recover quickly, "said Father Squirrel. "Thank you very much, hopefully you are always given goodness in your life," replied Rabbit, then ran home.

Seeing Father Squirrel's actions, the two squirrel children scolded him. "Father, why do you give one of our eggs to rabbits? I'm very hungry. "" Be patient.

Rabbits need more eggs than we do. Father will try to get out and look for food, "said Father Squirrel. Suddenly, Squirrel Mother screamed from the kitchen.

"Dad, look! We have very many eggs! "Squirrel's father and two children immediately went to the kitchen. How shocked they were to see there were so many eggs there. "Where do these eggs come from?" Asked Father Squirrel.

Squirrel mother shook her head not knowing. A voice suddenly heard. "Because of your sincerity and help to help Rabbits, I change your egg with one hundred and one egg." The Squirrel family also thanked and was grateful. They can eat full that night.


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I like this rabbit..

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