Story of Two Seafarers

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There are two brothers who really like the sea. They were eager to try to ride a boat and sail the sea. For the sake of realizing that dream, they also went to a sailor who lived on the beach.

"Good afternoon, Uncle," said the brother to the sailor. At that time the sailor was busy weaving a rope. "Good afternoon, children," answered the sailor with a friendly smile.

"How are you guys?" "Our news is good, Uncle. Thank you," said the brother. He and his sister were very happy because they were welcomed by the sailor.

"Oh yeah, we heard that Uncle has a boat. Will you teach us to go to sea? We really want to go to sea." "Of course. But, I'm busy at the moment. Help me weave this rope first." The two children immediately agreed to the sailor's request with enthusiasm. The sailor then taught them how to weave.

After they have mastered it, the sailor goes away for a purpose. "You keep weaving, I just go for a moment," the sailor ordered. Both sisters nodded. A few minutes after the sailor left, his brother ran toward the window, leaving his job.

He was impressed by the view he saw. The sea looks out and the boats are floating in the beautiful sea. "Sis, that's the sea!" exclaimed the brother to his sister. "Come here! The sea is very beautiful!" "You can't, Sis. I am weaving a rope," the sister replied while continuing to do her work.

"Ah, there are so many boats! Everything is good! I've never seen a boat as good as that. Come here, Sis!" "No, Sis," said the younger brother.

"I am weaving a rope." Soon, the sailor came back. He asked the children, "What, what have you done?" "I looked around the sea and the boat from the window here," replied the older brother.

"I would be very happy if I could sail the sea by boat." The sailor nodded. He looked at the sister, then asked, "What about you?" "I woven the rope like your message earlier," replied the younger brother. "All right, I will teach you how to go to sea," the sailor said to his sister. "How about me?" protested the brother. "I'm older, bigger, and smarter than my sister.

Uncle should teach me too." The sailor smiled, then said to the brother, "It might be true that you are older, bigger, and smarter than your sister. But you are not wiser than him.

I have asked you to weave, but instead you look at the view from behind. window. What if we go to sea later, I ask you to row but you instead change the position of the screen? We can get hurt in the sea. " The older brother just snapped at the sailor's advice. He was very sorry because he did not heed the sailor's orders and instead did what he wanted.

The younger brother turns out to be wiser than him. Then he promised himself to pay more attention to the words of others.

The moral message from the Nusantara Folklore "The Story of Two Sailors" is: "If you want to be great, then you need to pay attention to the advice or commands of people who are more experienced than us, for example teachers and parents. Don't feel sorry for ignoring their words .


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Saya belum pernah dengar cerita rakyat ini. Dari Aceh yah cerita ini? 2 nelayan yah. Menarik sekali :)

Terimakasih sudah menggunakan tag #nusantara :)

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