story of the letter about the butterfly

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How are you, Fit? Niken likes to read your letter. In the letter, you tell about your beautiful garden but rarely visited by butterflies. Strange, huh! A garden full of flowers, but no butterflies. Fifit, you want, right, hear my story! Niken also has a garden beside the house.

Unfortunately, the park in front was gone because of the road widening project. At first, the park Niken is only a plot of land overgrown with reeds. Anyway it's not interesting, huh! One day, Sapti, the bright sister of Niken, turned the land into a tamah.

Niken and Sapti started working. Wow, busy with Fit. We hastily borrowed hoes, rakes and scissors from our neighbors. At first we cleaned the soil from the weeds. Then we make small hills in the park. It means that the location of the plants is hilly.

After it's done, then we look for plants. Every time a flower seller passes, we call. We choose plants that are good and cheap. We also ask about how to plant and maintain it.

Usually the flower seller knows how. Our garden is not at once full of plants. After all, we bought it in installments. Understandably, we have set aside money to buy flowers from pocket money. In addition to buying, Niken and Sapti obtained plants from friends. Every week our plants increase.

It didn't feel, now, a few months later, our garden was full of plants. It's very proud. Moreover, my father and mother were happy. I don't know how many plants there are in our garden. What is clear, Niken likes roses the most.

Rose Niken big. Some are red and some are orange. Niken also likes other flowers. Unfortunately, Niken didn't know his name. There are white flowers like bells, there are purple flowers like orchids, there are small blue flowers, there are white flowers with orange whites, there are large and nice yellow flowers.

Fun, huh! The park next to the house is always visited by guests. Guess who came. Niken's friends, Sapti's friends came occasionally. However, there are guests who are not tired of enjoying the beauty of our garden.

They are cute little animals. There are red beetles with black spots, caterpillars crawling on the leaves, bees buzzing. But what you like most is butterflies. Niken often stands between flowers.

Then, the butterfly perched on Niken's hand. Niken loved to watch his wings. Beautiful colorful! The butterfly seems to speak to Niken. Not with human language, but with movement. They seemed to say, "Nice to be in your garden.

We can fly here and there safely, without fear of being disturbed." Fifit, Niken also has several friends whose parks are rarely visited by butterflies. Why? Because the butterflies are always chased, captured and made into toys by them.

They wrapped the butterfly's body with a rope so they could not fly. They can only move their wings. Surely the butterfly shouted, "Let me go!" After being free, the butterfly warned his friends, "Don't come to the park, there is a bad boy!" Finally, no butterfly would come to the park.

Fit, butterflies even though animals, also have feelings. If we treat them well, they will be kind to us. If we treat them with evil, they will respond evilly to us. Fit, I'm enough of a weak animal. All they can do if there is danger just run away. They can't fight. However, is it true that butterflies rarely visit your flower garden? Niken lacks trust. Try Fifit, watch your park, from behind the window.

There must be butterflies coming. Maybe the butterfly just dared to come, if there is no one. Fifit, Niken doesn't accuse you of being a naughty butterfly. However, there may have been a naughty person in your garden so the butterfly won't come again.

If you want to talk to a butterfly, it's easy. The important thing is, don't have the intention to disturb the butterfly. Give a signal, you want to play with them in the park. They definitely want to! Auu, Niken's hand was sore, so this letter. Hopefully your garden will soon be visited by butterflies. Sweet Regards, Niken


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