story of monkey and copycat camel

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At a large celebration in honor of the Lion of the Forest King, a monkey was asked to dance in front of the animals present at the celebration.

The Monkey dance is so beautiful that all the animals present are happy and happy to see it.

The praise obtained by the Monkey makes a camel present become jealous. He was very confident that he could dance as beautiful as the monkey's dance, maybe even better, so he came forward through the crowd of animals watching the monkey dance, and the Camel raised his front leg, began to dance.

But the huge camel made him look ridiculous when he kicked his legs forward and twisted his long, stiff neck. In addition, the camel is difficult to keep the large footprints raised up.

Finally, one of his large footprints almost hit the nose of the Forest King so irritated animals saw the camel's behavior, driving him out into the wilderness.


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What a great story

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