arrogant chicken story

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On a farm, there are two roosters. They become males for all the hens on the farm.

But unfortunately, the only rooster is always greedy. He wants to be the only one who controls the area. While the second rooster is more patient. Although he was often insulted, caciated, and treated arbitrarily by the other rooster, he was not easily provoked. Until one day, an event cannot be ignored.

When it's cool to find food in the farmyard, suddenly the second rooster is lunged by the first greedy rooster. To defend themselves, the second rooster also tried to fight as hard as possible. But because of his peace-loving nature and dislike of fighting, finally he ran away to succumb and hide behind a haystack.

Seeing the start running off, the arrogant rooster felt very satisfied. Are they seen by the hens who had been foraging around them. This makes the cocky cock become a big head and more proud of him.

"Nobody can beat me here. I am the strongest chicken that deserves to master and become king here ... cukkurukuuukkk .. "he said while crowing. Unsatisfied with just that, he intends to announce his victory so that all the residents of the farm know about it.

Arrogantly, he clapped his wings and jumped onto the roof. From the roof of the farm, he shouted bragging and challenged anyone who dared to fight him. Arrogant nature has made him forget, that in the sky there is still a sky.

Apparently accidentally, there was an eagle looking for prey through the farm. Seeing the rooster who shouted arrogantly on the roof, giving the eagle a chance to grab it and bring the rooster to its nest into a meal of hungry children. Finally, the history of the cocky rooster.

Whereas the other rooster is now the only rooster that controls the farm area. His nature of being relentless and loving peace, was able to save him from danger. And got to the holder he had never imagined before.

And that is a reward for those who want to be patient. Well, the younger siblings and kaka-kaka 'readers, hopefully there is wisdom that we can learn from this simple fairy tale.

We must learn to be good people, and better than yesterday. Because goodness will surely get a good reply too. Even though before that we had to be more patient on the exam.


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