A story about cleanliness

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At one point, crows saw foxes littering in roadside ditches. suddenly the crow approached the fox and asked.

Crow: Fox, you don't throw it away carelessly. Can make a flood later! Fox: Don't be fussy, Crow. then the Cattle came and replied. Cows: Why is this, Crow? Crow: Here the Fox, throw garbage in the ditch Cow: Is it true, Fox ?, You throw garbage in the ditch? Fox: Yes it's true, it's okay to throw garbage in the ditch.

Crow: Be an example for others, Fox. Don't follow the others. Cow: yes right, garbage can make a disease, but it can also cause flooding. a few days later Fox's house was flooded, he was sorry for his actions and the next day he met Crows and Cows. Crow: Good morning, Fox.

What's your offer here? Fox: I regret having littered, yesterday my house was flooded. From now on I will not throw garbage in the ditch again. Thank you friends for your advice yesterday.

Crow & Cow: Yes, both. it's an obligation to remind each other. The fox has changed too, now he throws garbage in its place, and the environment around them is clean and free from flooding.



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